China on Monday launched a unique website inviting public to report people, including spies harming national security, and attempts to “overthrow the socialist system”, offering rewards on information.

The website, launched by the Ministry of National Security yesterday, also encourages people to report attempts to incite ethnic separatism and bribing military officials to defect.

People can report about foreigners meeting “any person within China who has conducted activities endangering state security,” the website — — said.

The website, in Mandarin and English, is open to organisations and individuals who have information about activities harming national security, including espionage, the ministry said in a statement.

They can also use the phone number of 12339 to report, the Ministry said, pledging to protect the privacy of the informants.

People will be rewarded if the information is true or held accountable for intentionally providing false information, it said.

Complaints can include collusion with foreign countries or institutions, organisations, and individuals harms the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and safety of the People’s Republic of China, a guide to report on the website said.

People can report attempts to organise, plan and implement the splitting of the country, organise, plan, implement armed rebellion or armed riots, instigate, coerce, seduce, and buy out staff of State organs, armed forces personnel, people’s police, and militiamen to carry out armed rebellions or armed riots.

The website also invited public to report attempts to organise, plan, and implement subversion of state power and overthrow the socialist system and attempt to induce personnel of the security forces to defect to the enemy.

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