Covid-19 vaccine immunity may take up to three weeks to kick in. Hence, people should continue to follow the lockdown measures, suggested one of Britain’s top medical experts.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer, said to the media that there is no clear evidence that vaccinated people can transmit coronavirus.

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“Regardless of whether someone has had their vaccination or not, it is vital that everyone follows the national restrictions and public health advice, as protection takes up to three weeks to kick in and we don’t yet know the impact of vaccines on transmission,” said Van-Tam, quoted as saying in the BBC report.

“The vaccine is rightly something to celebrate – let’s stay patient, stay at home and support the NHS as it continues to roll out the vaccine,” he added.

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This comes at a time when the country reported another high daily Covid-19 death toll of 1,348 this weekend. This took the UK’s total to 97,329.

He revealed that an additional 32 vaccination sites will be established to add to the thousands of venues where the National Health Service (NHS) has been doing innoculations at the rate of 140 jabs a minute, taking the vaccinated total to over 5.8 million.