Health Minister of the United Kingdom Nadine Dorries, who is infected with the deadly coronavirus, warned people that every lift button, shopping trolley, and cafe cup could give coronavirus, as per the Sun report.

Dorries addressed the country days after she was tested positive for the COVID-19. She said regard everything you touch outside the home as “being contaminated.”

Spreading awareness about coronavirus, Dorries mentioned in the article contributed to Sunday Times: "The elderly are the most at risk and the most vulnerable...Regard everything you touch outside the home as being contaminated: every lift button, shopping-trolley handle, wait-button on a zebra crossing — and every cup in a cafe...Wash your hands for 20 seconds. Carry hand sanitizer and use it over and over. Resist the urge to hug or shake hands with anyone."

Dorries’ statement comes when the United Kingdom witnessed a surge in the number of patients suffering from coronavirus. The death toll has reached 35, while 1,372 patients tested positive for coronavirus.

Britain’s government has also issued advisory for senior citizens to be extra cautious and not to venture out as they are the most susceptible to the deadly disease.

The Health Minister, who fell ill over a week ago, had a cough, fever, and perspiration, and revealed that her whole body ached with the illness. Dorries’ virus has also infected her elderly mother. She further told that she had not been abroad to an affected country - and did not have contact with someone who had been confirmed to have had it.

She added in the Times report: "The majority of people will be infected with Covid-19, but they will recover without experiencing significant discomfort.”