For some biz-speak at IIM-Rohtak summit

Prof P. Rameshan, Director, IIM-Rohtak.

Kuldeepak Virmani, Vice-President, Corporate, Daikin India.

The season of business summits and management festivals is on – a time of the year when keynote addresses, panel discussions, case analyses, business plans, quizzes and strategy games become mainstream for the next three months.

For starters, one such event was organised by IIM Rohtak recently under which business leaders based out of the NCR region came forward to discuss the challenges they face while taking their business forward in turbulent times.

The theme of the business school's NCR Business Summit was ‘Growing the Business: From Present to Future’.

We are not going to delve into the management wisdom these veterans had to impart but we’ll catch-up on catchy one-liners that struck the students.

“Excellence is what gets you through turbulent times. The three most essential ingredients for professional excellence are knowledge, skills and management of conflict.

Corporates need to provide a harmonious blend of these ingredients along with effective change management to sustain excellence.”

–Kuldeepak Virmani, Vice-President, Corporate, Daikin India

“Be elastic, have concern for others, follow no rules, start over.” “Your net worth is only as much as your network.”

–Sunil Kumar, President, The exchange4media Group

“There is no point in making money without creating the brand.”

–Atulit Saxena, COO-Brands at Futurebrands

“Nothing in the life would be denied in case you are successful.”

– Harjinder Kaur, CEO, ComVision India

“I believe society has to change and the change will become an explosion.”

–Vijay S, Founder & CEO, eTravelvalue

“In turbulent times for businesses, leverage on market sentiments, invest in assets and revamp your revenue models.”

–Kapil Rampal, CEO, Creativecrest

“Success mantras of an entrepreneur: calculated risks, build a team with complementary skills, undeterred passion and emotional quotient.”

–Kapil Badreja, CEO, Kritikalsecurescan

(Contributed by IIM-Rohtak students.)

Published on October 20, 2013


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