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From the Viewsroom: The US is to blame

NS Vageesh | Updated on March 09, 2018


It’s deliberately been giving Pakistan a long rope

Either Pakistan or one of its terror fronts has, true to form, once again fostered trouble by killing Indian soldiers in Uri, Kashmir. The world is quick to counsel restraint on India’s part for fear of war. It’s the West’s default option: make sympathetic noises, stroke our fragile ego with some references to our being a regional power with concomitant responsibilities, and very occasionally issue strong condemnation of our neighbour. Voila, our hurt and anger over the loss of life is magically assuaged and we even begin to think a diplomatic victory has been won.

If the Modi government has to break this charade, then it must first apply the squeeze on the US, Pakistan’s guardian angel, and compel it to cut off aid to Pakistan which averages about $2 billion a year. This should be reinforced with global economic sanctions on Pakistan until it becomes a civilised member of the comity of nations. This won’t be easy given that the US has mollycoddled Pakistan for decades. Even a fortnight ago, John Kerry was still equivocating in Delhi thus: “It’s clear that Pakistan has work to do in order to push harder against its indigenous groups that are engaged in terrorist activities. We have been urging Pakistan to crack down on terror camps.. Pakistanis have suffered greatly from terrorism...” This is like a primary school teacher telling you that the rowdy kid who bashed up your child was just an innocent with some ‘issues at home’.

These excuses are tiresome if you are at the receiving end. And completely unconvincing if the kid turns out to have homicidal tendencies and is a serial offender, as Pakistan is. Wouldn’t you want the guardian or parent pulled up or spoken to firmly? It is time to hold the US directly accountable for this ‘terror funding’. The buck, as the Yankees are fond of saying, stops with them!

NS Vageesh Associate Editor

Published on September 20, 2016

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This article is closed for comments.
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