Delhi’s air quality

This is with reference to ‘Delhi’s air quality dips to season’s worst’ (November 3). The issue of pollution in the capital has been debated for long but no lasting solution is in sight. Rather than imposing fines for breaking rules, educating people on the hazards of pollution is the best way forward in the fight against air pollution. Without people’s cooperation and awareness, problems relating to air pollution cannot be solved.

Also, an efficient public transport system will not only reduce traffic on the roads but also pollution levels. NGOs, teachers, students and artists should be roped in to sensitise the people and explain the benefits of using public transport. Point-to-point transport should be encouraged, especially for people who have fixed hours of work .

Veena Shenoy


Health hazard

Among the major factors that cause a deterioration in air quality in the National Capital Region are stubble burning, motor vehicles, construction work and coal-fired power plants. The elevated pollution levels, such as those currently affecting Delhi, pose a risk to the well-being of even healthy adults. Contaminated air can lead to health issues including bronchitis, asthma, anaemia, acute respiratory infections, and even nausea.

As this is an election year, State governments are reluctant to antagonise the farmers — a key vote bank — by taking strict action against those who set crop residue afire.

N Sadhasiva Reddy


Exchanging ₹2,000 notes

As per media reports, all the 19 RBI offices have been feeling the heat of people’s frustration as they stand in long queues to exchange/deposit ₹2,000 notes. There are also reports of touts taking advantage of the situation to make a fast buck. One wonders why the RBI is burdening itself with the mammoth task of accepting these notes and excluding commercial banks from the exercise. Before the situation goes out of hand, banks should be brought back into the loop.

Vinayak G

New Delhi

Digital vision for MSMEs

This refers to ‘Rural MSMEs need to be digitally empowered’ (November 3). Digital empowerment of MSMEs can make them globally competitive and resilient to business uncertainties. But this is a massive exercise, involving understanding of their challenges, visualising solutions, building ecosystems, creating awareness, and incentivising entrepreneurs. The emergence of IT in a Box and IT on a Cloud designed for MSMEs can make this digitisation journey easy and cost-effective.

P Sundara Pandian

Virudhunagar, TN

Cleaning of rivers

This refers to ‘Cleaning our rivers’ (November 3). While the Namami Gange initiative is being discussed at all levels, the cleansing of other major rivers across States has taken a back-seat. Many States have not even initiated dialogue on this. The long stretches of rivers touching urban areas are the worst hit, with inflows of industrial effluents and sewage water.

RV Baskaran