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This refers to “Cooperatives can turn our agriculture around” ( Business Line, July 17). India has always been a key global agricultural producer.

The Agriculture Ministry should give utmost importance to this sector by educating farmers about new methods, modern tools and techniques, and technology for cultivation, use of various agriculture products, new irrigation methods, and protection from pesticides and insects. Lack of financial support and land grabbing by middlemen have led to suicides by farmers.

The Human Resources and Development Ministry should increase the agriculture seats in colleges and spend more on agri-research. Agri-companies in association with the government should launch research programmes.

Vedula Krishna


Bold reforms

The editorial, “US Presidentspeak” ( Business Line, July 18), correctly speaks of the bold economic measures needed to be initiated by the Congress-led UPA-2 Government to put the crumbling economy of the country on the right track. Mr Pranab Mukherjee, former Finance Minister, won accolades for his bold measures which lessened India’s dependence on the World Bank during 1984. In the eighties, Mr Mukherjee did contribute to economic development. Regretfully, during his stint in the UPA–2, he failed miserably to revive the stuttering economy and mitigate the sufferings of aam aadm. No wonder people have lost faith in the Government. Economic growth has been declining, adversely affecting development. The Government has failed to control the fiscal deficit, despite warnings by the RBI. The Centre has its back to the wall with the booming inflation and overwhelming corruption.

With the Prime Minister having taken charge of the Finance Ministry, the stalled reforms are expected to be executed with vigour.

Jayant Mukherjee


Published on July 18, 2012
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