Private dairies, the milch cows 

| Updated on August 17, 2011 Published on August 17, 2011

This has reference to the article “Private dairies sulk as Aavin dips its hands in their milk-can” (Business Line, August 10).

It is shocking to know that Aavin resorts to buying milk from the private companies, that too at below cost.

Are they living in the dark ages of the licence raj? It raises a lot of questions.

Is a cooperative dairy formed for the benefit of farmers, or so that they can resort to buying from private parties?

Is it legal to ask anybody to sell below cost?

Once a question is raised on an issue of public interest, how come an official can resort to silence as his reply?

As a tax-payer I am being taxed for the losses of Air India. Now have I to pay for the inefficiencies of Aavin too.

To cover their inefficiencies, are they trying to use the private sector as a scapegoat?

I appreciate the fact that this anomaly has been brought to public notice.



Good governance

In the article “A restless and fragile nation” ( Business Line, August 15) the relation between reservation and unemployment has been put in the right perspective. Why does any social class need reservation?

To secure one's future by any means. So, the problem of reservation lies in unemployment. If there is enough employment out there, there will be drastically less conflict for reservation.

And unemployment can be checked with a right vision, giving direction to economic growth. For this, there is a need for good governance. Recent events related to ocean-sized corruption call for good governance at both levels — political and bureaucratic — so that a good atmosphere for economic growth can be built.


Published on August 17, 2011
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