Reorganising States

| Updated on August 04, 2013 Published on August 04, 2013

This refers to “Is creation of Telangana a positive step?” ( Business Line, August 3).

In the context of the clamour for Vidarbha, Bodo, division of UP, Tulu Nadu, and so forth, it is highly desirable that a long-term view is taken on the subject of reorganisation of States. India's population is forecast to be 1.6 billion by mid-21st century.

If around 45-50 million population is treated as a norm, India could have about 35 states or so — big or small, strong or weak. It is necessary that an expert body like a newly-constituted states’ reorganisation panel works out the criteria for determining the optimum size for a state in India. Keeping this in view and taking into account the language, viability factor, cultural nuances and such other related matters specific to a region, the panel could recommend the scope of more states.

The views of all concerned should be taken into account by such an independent panel. It is time India constitutes a second States’ Reorganisation Commission.

K. U. Mada


Cap on cars

People in India cannot even think of emulating the China model on restricting the number of cars.

The Government will certainly not be too willing to take such an extreme step. There will be severe resistance from the political class as well. Despite poor road infrastructure, we would not want to restrict the growing number of cars.

And it's not that we don't come across jams in our roads; hour-long jams in Delhi are a common phenomenon. It’s perhaps not as severe as it is in Beijing. Going by rate of growth in the number of cars, the day is not far when our infrastructure will also crumble.

Bal Govind


Published on August 04, 2013
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