Blemishless BJP? No way

| Updated on January 16, 2018 Published on December 29, 2016

Can the BJP declare openly that it has never used black money funds? Black money has become central to every political party and even to some TV channels. The same yardstick should be adopted for all parties.

Currently, the Government is trying to get after only those parties that are involved in the Uttar Pradesh election. Not a single minister, MP or MLA of the BJP has been apprehended with regard to notebandi even though the Government knows only too well that all political parties are using black money.

SC Dhall

Zirakpur, Punjab

Ill-advised stricture

While the Government’s proposal to levy tax on cash payments on old 500- and 1,000-rupee notes above a certain limit is intended to encourage digital payments, the move to penalise and even enforce a jail term for possessing old denomination notes after December 31 is not just ill-advised, it is harsh and unwarranted. When certain denominations are no longer legal tender and will not be accepted by anyone, least of all banks, threatening punitive action needs a rethink.

R Prabhu Raj


Shameful statement

P Chidambaram recently declared on television that corruption cannot be eliminated, the counterfeiting of currency cannot be prevented and bribery cannot be eradicated. Don’t we have laws and agencies to take action against all these activities which are illegal? Why do we have them, then? It’s shameful to make such statements.

N Kalyanasundaram


Companies need CSR

As pointed out by Amit Kapoor in ‘Why companies need to share care’ (December 29), the concept of “shared value” advocated by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer serves the dual purpose of public and business interest. It is good business strategy and companies that practice it deserve kudos. However, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also a business need. It should not be avoided just because it is a cost to the company with little tangible gains. Its benefits in terms of public goodwill and brand image are immense.

Whether legally binding (as now for certain companies) or not, profit-seeking companies should pursue CSR as a moral responsibility and when combined with shared value the returns to the company would be synergistic.

YG Chouksey


Great idea

This is with reference to ‘Staying and ideating together, the startup way’ by Vinson Kurian (December 29). It is heartening to learn about the proposed establishment of a rural IT park by a Kerala-based corporate. It is reminiscent of the Gandhian concept of self-reliant villages with booming self-sustaining economies. These startups must get support from government and banks. Many startups in cities have crashed due to competition and basic flaws in the system. Therefore, rural minds must be trained properly and vigorously.

Rahul J Gautam


Patently to the point

This refers to ‘Backdoor patent could hurt patients’ by Srividhya Ragavan and Moushami Joshi (December 28). The writers are right in pointing out that extending data exclusivity from four years to ten will definitely hurt the generics drug industry and consequently, the patients who depend on these versions of drugs. Hopefully, the government think-tank keeps in mind that a fundamental reason why the founding fathers made this a basic premise for the Indian Patent Act 1970 was to ensure drugs are available at cheaper prices. Another reason was the fragile public health system of the country.

With India being regularly quoted in global health reports as the centre of some disease or the other, the last thing our health planners would want is delayed availability of generics. With millennials inheriting more life-style diseases than the previous generation, it would help if their earnings and savings are used in country’s development rather than on expensive branded drugs.

Sriram K


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Published on December 29, 2016
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