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I do not buy this hogwash called CSR. This has been aptly stated in the article “Why CSR isn’t everything” ( Business Line, August 12). This is an imported concept to salve the consciences of profiteering private companies. As the author has stated, 2 per cent is a pittance. Even independent directors who only have to nod their heads during quarterly rituals are paid 1 per cent of profit.

More fundamentally, I wonder how, for instance, companies selling cigarettes or fairness creams or junk foods, and so on, will be called to exercise CSR when their basic business itself smacks of socially irresponsible behaviour.

R. Sundaram


Sharing revenues

With reference to “Why Telangana needs Hyderabad” ( Business Line, August 10), entrepreneurs and people from Seemandhra have made a significant contribution to the development of Hyderabad. If one looks at the contribution made by the people of Seemandhra, at least 20 per cent of revenues generated in Hyderabad should be shared with the Seemandhra region even though Telangana needs Hyderabad, as mentioned by the author.

Shankar Reddy


Traditional sectors

Though the liberalisation policy adopted by the Central Government from 1991 has yielded 6 per cent growth, it has failed to give a competitive edge to Indian exporters.

Traditional sectors such as agriculture, textiles and bio-technology should be given more prominence because they would not only fetch foreign exchange but also provide employment to millions of workers.

The UPA Government has increased India’s export contribution from 1 per cent to just 2 per cent of total world exports.

Sustaining 8 per cent economic growth is possible only if traditional sectors are given more support, otherwise the economy will not create more jobs.

B. Lakshmi Narasimhan


Published on August 12, 2013
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