Govt needs a makeover

| Updated on October 30, 2012 Published on October 30, 2012

The editorial “Make or break” ( Business Line, October 30) has rightly suggested measures which might help improve the image of the Congress-led UPA-II Government. The present Government, beset with corruption, scams and political turmoil, may not be able to effect a makeover, unless it goes for massive exercises pertaining to people-oriented economic measures. It should tone up the administration to overcome the charges of rampant corruption, malpractices and charges of nepotism, as levelled by the Opposition parties.

It is also hoped that the elevation of some of the younger ministers and introduction of newcomers will put the economy on track. Reform measures, announced by the Government, are in the right direction and may rescue the falling economy with more employment opportunities and reducing the fiscal deficit.

The Railways needs to be revamped with the introduction of safety devices to reduce the number of accidents. Also, a slight hike in passenger fares may not pinch the pockets of passengers if it leads to better facilities. The New Railway Minister must make efforts to put the ailing Railways on the proper track. The system needs thorough overhauling. Jayant Mukherjee


Pragmatic measure

This is with reference to “The Barnier report and Companies Bill” ( Business Line, October 30). Both the Barnier Report and the Companies Bill recommend and impose measures which an accused auditor could easily manoeuvre through loopholes in the law. Along with the measures of Barnier Report and Company Law Bill, a mandatory cross audit may be conducted on one firm’s report by another firm within a time frame to testify whether there is an intentional joint-hand of the auditor with the company. A shortened rotation period would help.



Published on October 30, 2012
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