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This refers to ‘Are we really educating India?’ by R Krishna Kumar (March 27). Education has become a great business in this country. The government is blind to what is happening in private schools and colleges. The salary is a pittance when compared to government scales. But in government institutions, the infrastructure is inadequate and the motivation of most teachers is found to be wanting. Private schools are no better. So what is the problem with our education system?

It is gross neglect by the government which has given rise to the current state of affairs. Unless the government gets its act together and seriously analyses its budgetary allocations and fixes accountability and punishes the culprits, we will go nowhere. Parents have no choice but to send their kids to schools which are nearer their homes, whether public or private. Don’t blame the kids for lack of interest in studies. It is the teacher who doesn’t know how to teach and the government which is blind to the problems they face.

CR Arun


Search the home first

The article ‘Black and white’ by Mohan Levi (March 27) rightly points out that the unearthing of black money in the country is easier compared to bringing back ‘phoren’ black money. Mercilessly going after the domestic black money which is indeed a low lying fruit will be a salutary message to all concerned. It is time the Centre became pragmatic on this issue.

CG Kuriakose

Kothamangalam, Kerala

Welcome idea

This refers to the editorial, ‘Reinventing Muni bonds’ (March 27). The issue of new regulations by SEBI paving the way for city corporations to enter the bond market is a very imaginative idea.

As stated in the editorial, the total requirements of funds is probably impossible to meet. However the requirements of funds for such bodies is to not only to improve the existing infrastructure, but also to provide new ones. And the absence of proper and timely attention to them would make the citizens’ life miserable

The new source of issue of bonds to garner funds is, therefore, a welcome and pragmatic idea. The municipal bodies should devise attractive incentives to boost the sale of bonds.

TR Anandan


Why not women directors?

This is in response to the letter, ‘Why women directors?’ (March 27). The need for a compulsory clause to appoint women directors on the board of listed companies has arisen due to their absence so far on boards. While women’s voices are heard even in Parliament why not on the boards of companies? The clause could be removed once women directors are routinely appointed in listed companies, in the future.

Rugmani Vinod


Very sad

The plot has thickened with the revelation that the crash of the Germanwings jetliner was result of a deliberate act by the co-pilot. It is unfortunate that the passengers of the jetliner had to pay with their lives for the folly of one man. Our hearts go out to their families.

NJ Ravi Chander


Condemn it

It is a matter of deep concern that there have been several attacks on churches and Christian institutions in the country. The latest is the heinous act of raping an aged nun in Bengal. Whoever did this must be hunted down and punished. No shameful act should be permitted in the name of any religion in any part of the country.

KA Solaman

Alappuzha, Kerala

Win-win overall

Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s statement that a hike in telecom spectrum auction rates would translate to an increase of ₹1.03 per user is based on the operator’s per minute billing cycle. The rates would come down further if operators follow a per second billing cycle.Overall the auction has resulted in a win-win situation for the government, the operator and the consumer.

Vikram Sundaramurthy


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Published on March 27, 2015
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