Pleasing to the eye

It is good seeing the new look  businessline. It was fascinating to read about the new branding approach. The minimalistic and subtle design is pleasing to the eye. The creative adaptation of blue and black tones in the inside pages and infographics gives a classy and contemporary look. Look forward to more readings of  bl and best wishes.

Mradul Mishra


Keeping up with change

First of all, congratulations to you for the new look  businessline. The paper has always kept pace with the changing needs and requirements of the readers in terms content and also the look and feel. Full marks to you and Garcia for keeping the soul intact, while the presentation is absolutely world class.

Gopal Krishan

New Delhi

Looks great

True to the Shakespearean words, “A rose by any other name will smell sweet”, the new look  bl is sparkling in appearance and immaculate in content. Kudos to the  bl family. A suggestion: Under bl radar, The top100 and adjoining column should be in bigger/bold font to make it easy on the eye.

N Mukunda Kumar


US’s foreign policy

The US has not stepped beyond extending external support to Ukraine in the ongoing war. The Russia-US stand-off is six decades old and the mutual equation is now well read by both and a pattern seems to have been set in dealing with major conflicts. One reason why the US is yet to respond to Putin recently dangling a nuclear threat.

On the other hand, China is an unfamiliar antagonist that has enviable military might and yet the US had openly declared its intent to defend Taiwan against any Chinese aggression.

This is a bold and novel stand as any ambiguity over Taiwan would help China upstage the geopolitics and power scale.

R Narayanan

Navi Mumbai

Priority sector lending

This refers to ‘Lending to priority sector not profitable for banks’ (September 22).

Juxtaposing the government’s recent advice to banks to increase priority sector advance with its ambivalent approach to privatisation of public sector banks betrays a muddle-headed approach to the whole issue.

Does the government feel there is no more need for priority sector lending? Or is it that it expects private banks to support priority sector lending?

It is time the government, instead of blowing hot and cold on the issue of privatisation of PSBs, came out with a clear roadmap for the future of the banking sector to remove the existing cloud of confusion

Manohar Alembath

Kannur, Kerala

Overseas investments

With reference to ‘Easing it for AIFs, VCs’ (September 22), the new overseas investment norms will help the funds to diversify and gain from their profitable investments. The delinking of Indian connection reduces the compliance burden of funds to a great extent and the reinvestment of liquidated principal proceeds would help the funds reach more deserving companies.

While it is incumbent to ensure FATF compliance, it would be more appropriate to address the issues related to double taxation impacting the repatriation of proceeds in respect of countries where India has not entered into any treaties or agreements.

Sitaram Popuri


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