Feuding families

With reference to the article ‘Lenders can step in to fix corporate family feuds’ (September 14), the writer’s argument is appreciable in the sense that family feuds should never hinder the corporate’s growth. If a corporate entity suffers due to a family feud, it impacts not only the lender but also all stakeholders.

Lakshmi Vilas Bank was a private sector lender taken over by a foreign bank without compensating the shareholders of LVB.

Here the shareholders are voicing against the unfair decision of the lender. When the lender acts like this, how can we expect the lenders to sort out family feuds for the welfare of all stakeholders?

RM Chidambaram


Bullish growth

The astonishing run of Indian stock markets over the past few months, with the Nifty index having crossed the 20,000 mark despite its discernible dally fluctuations, is nothing but reflective of the positive outlook of investors about the country’s economic growth.

Foreign portfolios have also been bullish this year, with net investments turning positive. While the present exuberance of Indian investors has helped lift the Indian stock markets, legitimate apprehensions about the overvaluation of stocks cannot be simply overlooked. No doubt, investor sentiment will continue to be guided by the trajectory of the Indian economy.

M Jeyaram

Sholavandan (TN)

Sustaining the bull run

With reference to ‘Is this the ‘mother of all bull markets’? (September 14), the bench market index reaching yet another milestone is a moment to celebrate, in spite of continuing turbulence in global stock markets. The assimilation of facts, that the present market growth is based on fundamentals with strong earning support from all the potential large, mid- and small-cap companies of India-Inc, indicate the prevailing realistic situation. Also, the vibrant participation of both domestic and foreign investors and the huge increase in the number of demat accounts opened recently, will very likely sustain this trend.

Some long-term investors in the past have claimed how the substantial gains made from their investment in Reliance stocks helped them conduct their children’s marriages.

The real test to judge the present speculative market exuberance, would bank on the adverse effects, if any, upon release of the investigation report in respect of the Hindenburg research matter. As aptly advised the regulators and exchanges must tread with caution.

Sitaram Popuri


Cautious approach

This refers to the news report ‘Drug-makers lukewarm to developing vaccines for new Covid-19 variants’ (September 14). One feels, the Indian vaccine makers are cautious of ‘inventory’ factor, since the new Covid-19 variants (SARS CoV-2) are not posing a serious threat in this part of the world, as things stand today. Let us cross the bridge when we come to that, so goes the saying.

To put it differently, if the situation demands, the producers can ramp up the supply of vaccines and cater to the needs of the society. We have experience behind us, haven’t we?

S Ramakrishnasayee