We need dialogue


This refers to ‘The WTO must unite on core issues’ by Ajay Srivastava (March 20). While nations were ready to revisit monetary and fiscal policies after the 2008 downturn, they are diffident about addressing aberrations in policies pertaining to international trade. While nations gladly tap into the advantages provided by globalisation, they are reluctant to share insights regarding problems.

The spectrum of trade components and attendant trans-national intricacies are constantly changing with shifting epicentres of growth and the invasion of new technologies that sharply alter the volume and direction of trade flows. But the axiom that decreased global trade undermines global growth endures through time. We fail to see that in times of crisis, larger trade imbalances profoundly influence prospects of global growth. Sadly, every trade forum sees deterrence and not dialogue as an operative part of trade. Individual ‘victories’ cloud the larger perception of healthy universal trade, undermining all.

R Narayanan

Navi Mumbai


Legal knowledge

The editorial, ‘Legal barrier’ (March 20), advocates the development of the legal services market in the country. Irrespective whether all countries have similar laws or not, Indian courts believe that law is the law of equality which was imbibed from English laws. With the advent of growing international trade disputes, the decision of the apex court in upholding the legal services of foreign lawyers on a fly-in fly-out basis is laudable.

At the same time the knowledge base of the Indian legal fraternity requires to be improved to create a level playing field in dealing with foreign entities, especially in matters of arbitration.

Sitaram Popuri


The apex court’s stand against foreign law firms establishing offices in the country is more to do with laws than protectionism. This may be bad news for those that have business interests in India. It has implications for citizenship, residential status, and a host of other issues. Since every nation has domestic laws to abide by, there’s nothing wrong in India taking steps to bar foreign law firms from doing business on its soil.

R Prabhu Raj


Strange timing

The timing of disclosing the letter sent by the BBB to the finance minister raises many questions. The BBB was floated not only as an appointment body but as an expert mechanism to streamline the functioning of PSBs. The BBB should have sniffed out the scams and blown the whistle well in time. Having failed to do this, it is not fair on its part to now make public a recommendation sent to the minidter eight months earlier. It seems like an attempt to shift the blame on to the finance minister.

S Veeraraghavan


Future imperfect

The recent by-poll losses should not be treated as a referendum on the BJP government. Nevertheless, the coming together of regional parties may pose a serious threat to the BJP in 2019. However the path ahead will not be smooth.

Firstly, there will be fighting among the leaders of the third front on the question of who will be Prime Minister. Secondly, time and energy will be spent resolving the fight regarding allocation of portfolios, apart from the constant threat of withdrawal of support to the Government. Thirdly, whimsical leaders like Mamta Banerjee and Mayawati will constantly threaten their coalition partners if their wishes are not fulfilled. Finally, a Prime Minister who is at the mercy of the allies will not be able to deliver a strong leadership. Hence a third front will not serve the purpose .

Veena Shenoy

Thane, Maharashtra

Yogi Adityanath needs to keep in mind that India is a secular country. The UP defeat signals to him Aditynath to be more serious about governing the State and redressing people’s problems. However, Rahul Gandhi has nothing to be ecstatic about.

Jayant Mukherjee



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Published on March 20, 2018


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