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| Updated on February 28, 2019 Published on November 29, 2018

Airline services which are sought to be separately charged have to pass the test of what constitutes such services.

Elements which are basic, inherent and subsumed in the very service sought to be rendered cannot be charged separately. The end-to-end contract is to fly the passenger safely, punctually and in a dignified way from one destination to another.

Providing safe travel, water, toilets, refreshments if the flying time exceeds certain hours, easing travel of elderly, physically challenged, infants, expectant mothers, delivering the luggage are part of a cohesive indivisible whole of the contracted service.

The method of assigning seat to the passenger is the responsibility of the airline for which it should not charge the flyer.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation should take a holistic view having regard to what are the indivisible and inseparable parts of the service.

BS Iyer



Modi’s magic waning?


With reference to ‘Is Modi losing steam as a campaigner?’ (November 29), the writer rightly opines that “in the five poll-bound States, it is the individual CMs’ credibility that will make or mar elections for the BJP’. This view gains more prominence as the so-called ‘Modi Ka Magic’ is already on the wane. What else could explain the BJP’s poor performance during the recently held Lok Sabha by-polls in 12 constituencies across the country despite Modi’s hectic campaigning?

Despite this the BJP still tapped into Modi’s oratory skills to gain votes in the ongoing Assembly elections. Is the party high command apprehensive of the falling popularity graph of the incumbent CMs of the three BJP-ruled States? But there are various adverse local factors that could always turn out to be the game changer for the BJP in these States. With the Lok Sabha elections due next year, the BJP would be keen to retain power in these States.

SK Gupta

New Delhi

It Is to the credit of PM Modi, that he manages to project a larger-than-life image of the nation. But his charisma is not inexhaustible. Too much of oversight by the PMO has robbed ministers and in turn the bureaucracy of initiative, particularly those which directly affect the lives of the majority of the people, notably — rural and urban development, agriculture, food and public distribution.

A sense of disillusionment with the BJP government is creeping in as it is seen to be high on intent and low on results. The BJP is unable to tone down the noises of the fringe and as a result its policies follow wayward directions. DeMo was a setback to a healthy economy, affecting small businesses. It also hit larger businesses with unserviced loans and left the banks with huge NPAs. The on-going spin on GDP figures or cherry picked statistics do not provide fresh jobs.

The PM nevertheless bravely carries on but his campaign speeches have necessarily become rhetorical.

R Narayanan

Navi Mumbai

Kartarpur corridor

With reference to ‘Kartarpur corridor: we want strong ties with India says Pak PM‘ (November 29), Pakistan PM Imran Khan should walk the talk. He should also realise action speaks louder than words. India and Pakistan share the same culture, economic conditions and strategic threats. Hence we should work in co-operation for our well being. One of the most important sectors that will benefit from good relations with Pakistan is tourism. The states bordering Pakistan like Kashmir, Punjab can be developed as tourist hubs if peace prevails. Secondly peace in the region will also boost exports from these States thus creating employment opportunities.

We cannot have industrial development, economic growth if the people are not secure and militancy is not controlled.

Further, like India, Pakistan is also a developing economy and shares common economic challenges and needs. With peace on the border areas, Indian investors will find opportunities to invest in Pakistan and vice versa..

Veena Shenoy


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Published on November 29, 2018
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