Letters to the editor dated September 26, 2019

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India Inc must scale up

This has reference to the news report, ‘Infosys, TCS, HDFC among 17 Indian firms on Forbes’ ‘best regarded companies’ list’ (September 25). Despite having codes of conduct, including CSR law, it’s disheartening that only 17 (not even 7 per cent) names figured in that elite list of 250. While fairness, accountability and transparency form the foundation of good governance, Indian firms couldn’t meet the criteria of ‘trustworthiness, social conduct, the strength of their products and services, and how they fare as employers’. It means, Indian firms needed sharper focus on product branding and reputation building.

Hanseswar Ghosh

Gurugram, Haryana

Modi, Trump bonhomie

This refers to ‘Did Modi really endorse Trump’ (September 25). PM Modi’s show of support for Trump is surprising given the recent termination of preferential trade status for India under GSP. Trump’s foreign policies are at best whimsical and anti-diplomatic. Indirectly, it seems that Modi is agreeing to Trump’s stand on policy issues pertaining to trade and climate change by endorsing his presidential candidature for a second term. This doesn’t bode well for India. Further, it jeopardises India’s relationship with other countries.

Neetu Barmecha


Improving governance

This is with reference to ‘Code of Conduct needed for elected members’ (September 25). Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu has rightly emphasised on bringing reforms in the judiciary and legislature which would ensure good governance in the country. It is time these reforms were brought in and implemented to plug the loopholes in the laws. During the last six years we have seen some bold reforms and it’s not impossible for the lawmakers to come out with drastic reforms in these areas also. This would prevent party-hopping and ensure good governance. Right now there is no check on the welfare measures and loan waivers promised by almost all political parties. It would be better if political parties also canvassed on the basis of the four Cs — character, calibre, conduct and capacity — as advised by our Vice-President.


KNVS Subrahmanyam


Contributing to the green cause

This is with reference to the news report ‘The 111 mantra: How everyone can contribute to the green cause’ (September 25). I firmly believe that more than coherent measures, changing of people’s mentality is the key to success of any programme. If we as a country had civic sense many problems related to our environment and health would not have surfaced. We always think that keeping our surroundings clean is a job of the government/municipal authorities and we do not have any role in that.

Protecting our planet cannot be achieved by photo-ops, holding big banners or discussions in boardrooms. It would involve educating people to save water, electricity, etc. It is rightly said that people can either make or break a nation.

Veena Shenoy



UK SC ruling

The UK Supreme Court has shown that it can rule independent of the interest of the government of the day, something judiciaries in other democracies can emulate. Its unanimous ruling that the prorogation of the British Parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson was ‘unlawful’ upheld the Parliament’s sovereignty and its supremacy over the government. It was a clinching ruling in that it illumined the nature of Westminster democracy and made the will of the people represented by the Parliament fundamental to parliamentary democracy. It holds out relevance and applicability for our own country as its Parliament is modelled on the British system.

The UK top court made it clear that the ruling was about ‘prorogation’ and not about ‘Brexit’. If the ruling vindicated the Opposition’s stand on the prorogation of the Parliament and benefited it in the political tussle to get the upper hand, it was only incidental to its establishing the illegality of the prorogation.

G David Milton

Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu

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Published on September 25, 2019
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