Letters to the Editor dated November 27, 2019

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Coal production

Apropos ‘How to make coal mining sustainable’ (November 26). Even though India is one of the largest producers of coal , due to high demand and insufficient output of good quality coal, the country has resorted to importing coal. Impeding of supply, corruption, issues in land acquisition and environmental clearances, lack of integrated planning for production, problems in final mine closure, adverse effects of mining on the ecology of the local area are the key problems of the industry. Indeed, enacting a sustainable Coal Mining Code for a unified authority will bring in a plan-based atmosphere to increase the production of coal and reduce imports.

NR Nagarajan


Maharashtra imbroglio

With reference to ‘Constitution more powerful than money, muscle power: Congress on Supreme Court order’ (November 26). The reported claim of senior Congress leader Prithiviraj Chavan stating that the “reality of the BJP’s claim will be exposed tomorrow” should not be taken at face value. The Shiv Sena has already started distributing sweets after the Supreme Court’s direction calling for a floor test in the State Assembly on Wednesday. As is well known, the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress combine openly claimed the support of 162 MLAs on Monday.

Let us wait and watch the emerging situation at the floor of the State Assembly. Needless to say, anything can still happen in this roller-coaster case. Dirty politics sans morality just keeps growing nowadays.

SK Gupta

New Delhi

Political games

Irrespective of the outcome of the voting on the floor of the Maharashtra Assembly on Wednesday, its repercussions will move beyond the State. The patent overreach of the Centre in the hush-hush swearing-in of Fadnavis has invigorated a rare resolve in the other parties to unite. The dramatic withdrawal by the Centre of many serious criminal cases against Ajit Pawar and the reinforcement of a popular notion that the government misuses its agencies for political gain is sure to hang in the air. While a win for the Fadnavis government on Wednesday could well invite crticism on a national scale, a loss may prove useful to the BJP in the longer run . The ides of November are sure to dog the BJP .

R Narayanan

Navi Mumbai

Labour laws

The nod given by the Union for a labour code on industrial relations is welcome, as it would enable the companies to hire workers on fixed-term contracts across all sectors, providing more flexibility to industry while ensuring equitable treatment and social security benefits to workers. Coupled with this long-overdue measure is the push towards the amalgamation of 44 national labour laws into four codes on wages, industrial relations, social security and occupational safety and health, and working conditions.

Given the proven link between flexible labour markets and improvements in productivity and job creation, it is time States took the lead and effect a transition towards flexible labour markets. With countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia turning more competitive in labour-intensive sectors by effecting flexibility in labour laws, we cannot afford to lag behind.

M Jeyaram

Sholavandan, TN

Pre-poll alliances

The Election Commission of India should immediately issue orders that pre-poll alliances between political parties be binding, at least up till one year after the election.

It has become a regular practice for political parties to form alliances to contest election, which are in turn becoming contests between one front of the political parties and others.

People exercise their franchise in favour of one front or the other, expecting the winning alliance partners to form the government. However, in practice, this is not happening. On many occasions, parties switch loyalties immediately after the poll. This has made mockery of the election process and disregards the verdict of the electorate.

The EC must take immediate action in its power as a Constitutional body. Certainly, the people of India would applaud the move, as it will serve the cause of healthy Indian democracy.

NS Venkataraman


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Published on November 26, 2019
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