Letters to the editor dated July 20, 2020

| Updated on July 20, 2020

New normal

The Covid count has touched an alarming rate of 40,000 cases per day. Oxygen-starved casualties are rising even as authorities are busy preparing an Indian vaccine, ignoring the fundamental needs of the moment.

With no Central assistance/guidance and a lack of political will for a serious and systematic reopening of the economy, it is finally left to Municipal Commmissioners to clamp lockdowns. As links to the demand-supply chains keep breaking, there is not an ounce of certainty.

Yet, the Sensex seems to be rising along with the Covid count. Is this the post-Covid world?

R Narayanan


Time to wake up

This refers to ‘Widening gulf’ (July 20). If the government was confused about the implications of the US sanctions on Iran, it could have clarified with the US rather than dragging its feet. Its approach of running with the hare and hunting with the hound is not paying dividends. Further, with President Donald Trumpyet to be re-elected, quick action was needed so as not to rock the boat with Iran. The Chinese are doing serious business while India still seems to be lost. China cannot be reined in just by blocking a handful of apps. Too much pliability towards the US is not serving India well, and the relations with old allies must be kept on an even keel.

Deepak Singhal


India-Iran ties

This is with reference to the editorial ‘Widening gulf’ (July 20). Right from 1950, India has had a varying relationship with Iran, which has mostly been positive on the trade and geopolitical front. India imports a major share of its crude oil from Iran. But Donald Trump’s moves to curb Iran’s nuclear development spoiled the soup and the consequent trade sanctions forced India to drop oil trade with Iran. An irked Iran now may join hands with China for infrastructure development instead of India.This does not augur well for usChina, irritated by India’s move to ban Chinese investments and apps, will use Iran’s dissatisfaction to its advantage. Amid the pandemic, animosity with a friendly, oil-resourced neighbour will hurt.

NR Nagarajan


Stay alert

Apropos ‘Don’t downplay the risk of Covid’ (July 20). No State or local administration should take this pandemic lightly, despite the good recovery rate reported. There have been cases where patients have, even after recovery, been re-infected. Also, with many asymptomatic cases, we need to be more careful and follow all the prescribed norms. Without a doubt, communication and messaging become crucial and it is only advisable that all the stakeholders are on the same page. Every now and then we keep hearing about some country that has come out with a vaccine, but there is no solid cure. Until there is a proper vaccine in the market, we need to take this virus with utmost seriousness.

Bal Govind


Ram temple construction

The decision of the Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust to go ahead with construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya amid the pandemic is inappropriate. Since the Supreme Court has already given its final decision on the issue, there is no need to be hasty. Postponing the project for another one year or so in view of the national health emergency is called for. Soil testing and other preliminary works, including seeking donations, can wait.

Hopefully after a year or so we will be better able to fight the virus with the right vaccines and medications. There cannot be a better time to start auspicious work than when people are equipped to fight the virus.

Not only this, people will also be accustomed to the new living conditions where fighting the virus and normal life go hand-in-hand

Katuru Durga prasad Rao


Published on July 20, 2020

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