Letters to the Editor dated May 19, 2022

Updated on: May 19, 2022

Measuring happiness

This refers to ‘Most of India’s workforce is unhappy’ (May 19). The points for consideration are whether the factors used in various surveys, which claim to measure happiness, represent Indian ethos. Besides, the meaning of happiness as well as the weights assigned to the factors vary from person to person and nation to nation.

National culture also affects happiness. Hedonic countries give importance to material factors like having a luxury car, while eudaimonic ones are happy with things like human advancement (Aristotle) and overlook financial constraints.

The aftereffects of the two-year-long Covid menace have entangled family-related and work-related factors. When happiness surveys are confined to a nation, it is desirable to first ascertain the specific parameters that influence happiness at work.

YG Chouksey


For whom the bell tolls?

Apropos ‘Ambani, Adani reap windfall from surging oil, coal’ (May 19). It may seem paradoxical as Asia’s richest men are profiting from a surge in global commodity prices triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, even as publicly they push their pivots toward green energy. What else could explain Adani having added about $25 billion to his wealth since the Russia-Ukraine war started, while Ambani’s fortune swelled by almost $8 billion?

SK Gupta

New Delhi

Regulators must step up

This refers to ‘Regulatory reboot’ (May 19). SEBI should not only bark but also bite. Besides, stock exchanges, banks, the Registrar of Companies and statutory accounting bodies should strive to close all avenues that give room for fraud.

Also, shady promoters who go merely after listing gains must be brought to book. There is also a need to have a committed group of accounting and cyber law experts.

Prompt reporting and raising of red flags must be brought into the rule-book. Most of the actions the regulatory bodies take are after fraud has been committed. Early detection and prevention of fraud must be encouraged. As more retail investors enter the market, the regulators must ensure the market is transparent.

PSS Murthy


Selling physical shares

There are many seniors who do not want to go through the entire gamut of procedures in order to sell their physical shares. De-materialisation of shares has become an onerous task with the RTAs returning the physical shares for some reason or the other. SEBI must make a list of documents to be submitted with the application for de-materialisation.

It would also help if SEBI introduced a scheme to enable those holding shares in the physical form to sell the shares back to the companies as they are not interested in the market anymore. Many seniors are uncomfortable with online trading and want to exit.

Anthony Henriques


Investor education

This refers report ‘SEBI lens on retail participation in the F&O segment’ (May 19). Driving licence is issued by competent authorities only to those who are deemed fit for driving. By the same token, inexperienced investors who have entered the market recently have burnt their fingers as they lacked basic financial acumen. Opening a demat account is necessary but not sufficient.

SEBI ought to establish training institutes under its watch where new entrants may be imparted training for various forms of stock trading. Thereafter a certificate may be provided to such investors who have successfully attended the training. This will safeguard the interests of gullible investors to a large extent.

Deepak Singhal


Farm product prices

The government gives crores of rupees of subsidy to sectors such as textile, automobile and steel for promoting exports which generate employment and forex. But when it comes to agriculture, the policies are solely driven by the interest of the consumers. It must be noted that agriculture is the largest employment provider in India. The wheat export ban will definitely hurt farmers’ interest.

Suchak Patel


Published on May 19, 2022
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