Apropos ‘India is not insulated from global uncertainties: CEAC chief Debroy’ ( January 5), there can’t be two opinions about such well timed observations and ‘cautionary’ advice of Debroy. One genuinely wishes that FM Nirmala Sitharaman also lends an ear to his “need based” idea of ushering in the simplified GST and Direct Tax system while formulating an all important Union Budget for 2023-24.

It is a different matter that all our wishes are seldom granted. However, the people are still ‘expecting’ some financial windfall for them more so when this year’s Budget would be her last full fledged one, before the 2024 general elections. Anyway, let us wait and watch for the D-day.

SK Gupta

New Delhi

‘Co-operative’ effort

Apropos ‘Mapping cooperatives’ (January 5), the Ministry of Cooperation’s move to create the National data base on cooperatives as a single point access of information on cooperatives of different sectors is welcome. The imbalanced region-wise distribution of cooperatives is a major lacuna causing North-East States to get the least benefit out of cooperatives.

The national data base creation with mapping them will not only help effective decision making but also to solve the problem of spatial vagaries in distribution. While creating the data base digital technologies must be utilised to increase the efficacy in functioning.

NR Nagarajan


Small players squeezed

Is it any surprise that the new norms for EVs have adversely affected the small players? Across all sectors it has been observed that under some excuse or the other small players are being squeezed out leaving the field open for big players and big business.

This move along with others means that the MSMEs which are employment generators will have to shut down. Demonetisation has been like the kiss of death for many of the small units.

All this is going to add to the state of joblessness in the nation.

Where all this is leading to, is the question that should worry all those who believe in a democratic and equitable India.

Anthony Henriques


Jobless pain

This refers to the news report ‘Urban unemployment rate at 16-month high in December’ (January 5). It is the educated lot that normally remain unemployed in urban areas. One feels, urban unemployment rate (which rose to 10.09 per cent in December) can be reduced to a great extent if the students study courses they have a penchant for, and seek jobs in the fields related to them.

Schools and colleges should encourage creative and critical thinking of students which can help them get jobs easily. All subjects have scope provided they are pursued with enthusiasm. Needless to say, some of them can even become entrepreneurs. Not without reason, Bernard Shaw said “Work is play, play is life”.

S Ramakrishnasayee