Slow to curb terrorism

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This refers to ‘Pak may pay price for sponsoring terrorism’ by G Parthasarathy (March 8). Terror outfits in Pakistan have acted like an extra arm of the army by misusing the infrastructure and aid from western countries. The Pakistani establishment always denied terror acts against India; however after incidents like the attack on the army public school it launched Zarb-e-Azb, a joint military offensive against various militant groups.

Global nations should mandate and adopt a universal policy on terrorism. International monetary agencies should institute strict protocols on nations like Pakistan so that they utilise funding correctly, else pay the penalty for diversion of funds. Developed nations should also stop arms supply to such nations.

It is disappointing that China, Europe, Russia, and the US have have done little to curb terrorism in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria. They have to stand together to end the scourge.

Moin Syed

Gulbarga, Karnataka

Mindset change

This is with reference to ‘Why privatise banks?’ by Srinivas Dindi (March 8). Privatisation is not the panacea for the problems faced by PSBs. The solution lies in a paradigm shift in the ideology which brought about the nationalisation of banks in the first place. The ‘Licence permit-Quota raj’ philosophy which believed that the political leadership of the day had the magic wand to alleviate poverty and usher in equity through Utopian socialistic policies was the rationale behind nationalisation of banks; that has to change.

Putting in place foolproof systems in tune with the latest global banking standards and insulating PSBs from the grip of political interference alone can save the day.

Mahendra B Jain

Belagavi, Karnataka

Lip service

Despite achieving so much in all spheres of society, why is there is so much discrimination against women in all parts of the country? Why do we still have cases of dowry, rape, sexual abuse at the workplace? Even small children are not spared. We should not celebrate Women’s Day on every March 8, just for the sake of it. We need to change as a society by not only giving women equal opportunities, but respecting them.

Bal Govind

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Limited options

Arun Jaitley’s promise to give “monetary equivalent” of special category status to Andhra Pradesh has failed to pacify the Telugu Desam Party. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s case is valid. The BJP-led NDA Alliance must honour the commitments — that include funds to build the new capital Amaravati, and complete the Polavaram irrigation project — made to its ally, besides ensuring just apportionment of assets and liabilities. However, Naidu’s demand to accord a special category status for AP to get more funds is not tenable.

JS Acharya


Funnily surprising

The workplace is a second home to most people (‘Humour is good at the workplace’ by Saundarya Rajesh, March 8). Humour without hurting anybody’s sentiments will break the monotony. It is said that only a few nerves work while laughing but a large number work when one is angry. Humour at the workplace enhances efficiency.

HP Murali



The Coffee Board has clarified that the production numbers published in the report ‘Dip in robusta production to pull down coffee output’ (March 6) are not its official figures. With the talk of severe reduction in coffee yields this year by the growers of Karnataka, the Coffee Board has undertaken a verification of actual harvests in certain zones by taking up actual harvesting by its field officers to verify the extent of reduction. This process of reverification is delaying the finalisation of post monsoon estimates of coffee for this year and hence official estimates are yet to be released, the Coffee Board said.

However, the Board has not contested the numbers that were reported in the story.

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Published on March 08, 2018
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