Lokpal drama

| Updated on December 23, 2011 Published on December 23, 2011

TV anchors and articulate panellists have a field day enlightening us on the details of the all-important Bill and leave us flabbergasted. So much heat is generated to make it appear that everything — including the nation's destiny — hinges on Lokpal and nothing else matters.

With most arms of governance made its adjuncts, the Lokpal provides the image of an overarching supra-body with enormous powers to ensure that netas and babus follow the path of honesty. Given the exalted status, competition for chairmanship and membership of Lokpal is inevitable.

Team Anna excludes ‘communalism' and ‘casteism' from its agenda for reasons best known to itself. Team Anna can form a party contest and win the polls, and eliminate corruption!

G. David Milton


Published on December 23, 2011
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