Pre-poll gift

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This is with reference to ‘One step forward, two steps back’ by Uttam Gupta (February 19). As the government has decided to contain the fiscal deficit at a lower level by curtailing Plan expenditure, raising the cap on cylinders and keeping direct benefit transfer out shows it is a pre-election gift. The government can please voters for a limited period, but the next government can take stock of the situation and reverse these decisions.

RK Arya


Double standards

The answer to the poser ‘Is Nitish losing the plot?’ by Rasheeda Bhagat (February 19) is a definite ‘yes’. The reasons cited by Nitish Kumar for leaving the NDA when Narendra Modi was declared the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate were specious. More than the ‘questionable’ secular credentials of Modi, Kumar’s personal animosity to Modi tipped the scales. The JD(U) is a ‘fine-tuned’ composition of various caste and sub-caste permutations.

CG Kuriakose

Kothamangalam, Kerala

Need to part ways

This is with reference to the editorial ‘Binge borrowing’ (February 19). The move to separate the management of public debt from the RBI will allow the central bank to concentrate on inflation control. The public debt management agency, though not a statutory body, must be under the control of a central organisation that will control fiscal deficit by its empowered borrowing and should expect little from the RBI for debt management.

NR Nagarajan


The proposal to create public debt management agency is a great idea. It can put an end to the RBI’s conflicting roles and can help the government manage its borrowing regime effectively. The RBI should welcome such a decision.



Smart drive

India is an information technology superpower, yet its auto industry has not thought of producing smart cars — cars that stop automatically if a pedestrian crosses the road to avoid accidents (‘Dude, where’s the driver?’, February 18). Why only cars, even two-wheelers, trucks and autorickshaws should have artificial intelligence. Solar cars is another neglected area. The next auto exposition should have Indian-made smart cars.

Deendayal M Lulla


No solutions

This is a strange piece (‘The FM’s successor is in trouble’ by Arun Jaitley, February 18). Why didn’t Jaitley say anything about how the BJP would handle this problem? Will it be through a cap on subsidies, fiscal rules or what?

No one can disagree with the contents of his article. But Jaitley hasn’t added anything new. He offers no hint of how the BJP will solve this problem if it comes to power.



At the helm

This is with reference to ‘Ambani does not run the Govt, says Chidambaram’ (February 18). Yes, he is right; it is Rahul Gandhi who is running the government.



The corporate houses of the Ambanis, the Tatas and the Birlas should learn from similar rich families in West Asia and the Rockefeller family --- how to run a family business in association with the government and society at large.

KR Prakash


Lacking a lot

‘Made in India no longer sounds good’ by Rishikesha Krishnan (February 18) touches the fundamentals of the problem. Basic discipline is what we lack. Moreover, we are not even getting quality food, despite paying hefty amounts for the same.

Varush Joshi


Different practices

This is with reference to ‘All you wanted to know about the Vodafone tax case’ by Meera Siva. Supporters of Vodafone should know that the company has paid such tax demands in the UK; only in India, it seems to run into anti-investor elements.



Published on February 19, 2014
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