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| Updated on October 09, 2012 Published on October 09, 2012

This refers to “No one seems free of taint” ( Business Line, October 9). Indeed, greed is often responsible for people falling from grace.

Robert Vadra might say that he is being victimised for being related to the Nehru-Gandhis, but his financials reveal a different picture.

The allegations against Vadra need to be probed. But, sadly, it is likely that he will go scot-free because he is Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law.

Bal Govind


Access to derivatives

This is with reference to the editorial “The best option” ( Business Line, October 8). Whether it is options or futures in commodities, farmers, processors and traders do not have easy access to these products. One way to establish this last mile connectivity is to allow banks and financial institutions, many of which have branches in rural areas, to sell options or buy futures to and from primary producers, processors and other 'physical market players' and, in turn, cover/hedge their exposures on the exchanges.

This is what can make the exchanges relevant to the end users.



Policy rate cuts

Even as industry has been pressing the Reserve Bank of India for rate cuts, the International Monetary Fund has prescribed status quo until inflation drops substantially.

According to the Fund, unlike the rest of Asia, where inflation is expected to fall, prices in India remain high. One hopes that the RBI will act keeping in mind the country’s interest, rather than foreign pressures.

S. Kalyanasundaram


Published on October 09, 2012
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