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NS Vageesh | Updated on January 23, 2018


Why India should stop begging for UNSC membership

There has been much brouhaha over Prime Minister Modi’s comment that India no longer begs for a UN Security Council seat and that it now demands what is its right.

India has been canvassing and lobbying support from major powers for the past two decades for this seat. At every meeting with a US president or a Chinese premier or other influential world leaders, this issue has been raised; they make the right noises but don’t move. It is clear that they are not going to disturb the status quo and let us into the club. The irony of a sixth of mankind going unrepresented is somehow forgotten even as a small group of leading powers (albeit weakening) continue to dominate those councils that supposedly reflect world opinion on the pressing conflicts of the day.

Perhaps, India should stop asking for the membership of this club and take a leaf out of what China is doing with international economic institutions such as World Bank and IMF. If the western powers will not allow Asian countries (read China) more voice — more voting powers or the right to head these organisations — then create new world institutions (AIIB or Brics Bank, for example) and call the shots there! (Like Vishwamitra creating a new heaven when reigning deities refused admission to a protégé of his).

It is clear that China’s steps have shaken the western alliance. Perhaps, India needs to do something similar. If the existing UN institutions will not permit entry into the high table, then create new global institutions that are more representative! Build both economic and military strength and flex it every once in a while. The Security Council seat will then likely be offered without much fuss.

Associate Editor

Published on May 01, 2015

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