Despite the intraweek volatility, the Nifty 50 (17,374) and the Nifty Bank (38,517) ended the week almost on a flat note. While the Nifty posted a loss of 0.8 per cent, Nifty Bank lost 0.7 per cent last week.

The cumulative open interest (OI) of Nifty futures on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) saw an increase to 109.3 lakh contracts as on Friday compared to 108.1 lakh contracts a week. Whereas the cumulative OI of Nifty Bank futures on the NSE dropped to 21.2 lakh contracts on Friday versus 23.6 lakhs contracts by the end of preceding week. Thus, the index futures are indicating different signals.

In Nifty 50 call options (February 17th expiry), 18000-strike call option (18000-CE) has the highest outstanding OI with 91,179 contracts. The price of this option tumbled to ₹5 on Friday as against ₹54 by the end of the preceding week. Among the puts, 16500-strike put option (16500-PE) has the highest OI with 63,731 contracts. The option price closed the week lower at ₹9.7 compared to ₹21.8 last week. The put option price declined even as the index closed lower because of the time decay.

Similarly, in Nifty Bank options, 39000-CE (58,906) and 38500-PE (44,687) has highest OIs in calls and puts respectively. The price of 39000-CE slumped to ₹190.8 from ₹568.35 over the past week. The 38500-PE closed at ₹393.6 versus preceding week’s close of ₹499.8.

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