Why HDFC deposits are a safe option for senior citizens

Keerthi Sanagasetti | | Updated on: Jul 06, 2022

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Stable business and consistent AAA rating offer comfort

The prevailing low interest rates on deposits have been pinching senior citizens the most. Seniors who are more keen on capital conservation than higher interest rates can consider the deposits from HDFC. Currently, HDFC offers seniors 6.1 per cent interest for 24-month deposits

Depositors who wish to get regular payouts can opt for the non-cumulative option, with monthly/quarterly/half yearly or annual payouts. Those who don’t need regular payouts, can instead opt for the cumulative option which offers annual compounding.

The minimum amount that can be deposited with HDFC for a fixed deposit is ₹20,000.

While the deposits of HDFC, an NBFC, are not covered by deposit insurance (bank deposits of up to ₹5 lakh are covered by DICGC), its 40-year plus stable business provides significant confidence. Besides, the company has been maintaining a AAA rating on its deposits for more than 26 years.

How they fare

As interest rates have almost bottomed out, they are likely to inch up in the next two to three years. Hence, at the current juncture, it is wise to lock into deposits with a tenure of one or two years.

For such tenures, HDFC offers seniors better interest rates than those offered by prominent banks such as SBI (up to 5.6 per cent), HDFC Bank (up to 5.4 per cent), ICICI Bank (up to 5.5 per cent) and Axis Bank (up to 6.05 per cent), which are considered safest options among banks.

Other private sector banks and small finance banks, however, offer even higher rates (up to 7.5 per cent) for one to two year deposits. The recent debacles at YES Bank and other co-operative banks have stoked fear in the minds of depositors. Given that, seniors may prefer safety of capital over the lure of higher rates.

HDFC also offers better rates compared to corporate FDs with similar ratings from other NBFCs such as LIC Housing Finance, that offers up to 5.9 per cent for a tenure of up to 2 years.

About HDFC

Incorporated in 1977, HDFC, a housing finance company currently offers loans to individuals (comprising 76 per cent of the loan book) and corporates (6 per cent). HDFC also lends for construction finance (11 per cent) and lease rental discounting (7 per cent).

With an outstanding loan book of ₹,52,167 crore as of December 2020, HDFC is India’s largest housing finance company. HDFC’s non-performing assets (proforma) are contained at less than 2 per cent. In addition to that, the company’s provisions (cumulative including those related to covid) cover up to 2.56 per cent of the loan book exposure.

As at the end of December 31, 2020, HDFC’s capital adequacy ratio stood at 20.9 per cent, well above the regulatory requirement of just 14 per cent.

HDFC also has several financial subsidiaries –prominent ones among them are HDFC Bank, HDFC Asset Management Company, HDFC Life Insurance, HDFC Credila and HDFC Ergo. Its consolidated profits at the end of the first nine months of FY21 stood at ₹1,33,900 crore.

Published on April 17, 2021
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