Indian markets ran into a correction last week. However, that fall has not changed the structure of the charts yet. We see good supports coming up near the current levels on the #Nifty and #NiftyBank indices. So, we can expect the benchmark indices to reverse higher and see a fresh leg of rally going forward.

#Nifty has support around 19,500. We expect it to rise back from there towards 20,000 in the coming weeks. However, #Nifty above 20,000 will be a time to turn cautious rather than overly bullish.

#BankNifty has support at 45,250. While that holds, it can rise back to 46,000-46,300

#DowJones is bullish to see 36,000. But whether this rise will happen from here itself or after a slight correction to 34,900-34,800 is not very clear