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Portfolio Podcast | Why India-focussed pharma stocks are a safer bet

Parv Shah |Sai Prabhakar Yadavalli | Updated on: Jun 18, 2022

Sai Prabhakar and Parv Shah discuss the reasons why a tilt to Indian generics can be rewarding

US generics revenues generated 0.3 per cent CAGR in FY17-22 compared to 11 per cent CAGR in India and emerging markets. As a result, Nifty Pharma index returned 3.3 per cent CAGR in the period underperforming Nifty-50 index by close to 800 bps. The discussion centres on if the factors contributing to muted US growth are permanent and how should investors approach pharma stocks in this context. In this episode of Portfolio Podcast, Sai Prabhakar and Parv Shah discuss why you should consider investing in Indian generics. Listen in!

Published on Jun 18, 2022


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