Using the five clues below, identify the company that is being talked about here

1. I am the first billion-dollar “pure play” in my industry that’s mostly unorganised. It has taken me several decades to cross ₹10,000 crore revenue.

2. While my valuations have tripled since March 20 lows, I have delivered below benchmark returns to shareholders over the last five years. My 80+ PE multiple may appear super expensive on a net earnings margin of 2 per cent.

3. I belong to a group that’s truly an Indian MNC conglomerate and am proud to have one of the globally largest players as my second largest shareholder.

4. Not many companies in India would have done as many acquisitions of brands as I have done. I’ve been fairly successful in integrating most of such businesses and still grow organically as well.

5. About half of my 25,000 employees are aged below 30. About 56 per cent of my total employee base are women across all levels. My MD is from IIT/IIM with Harvard credentials. He began his career in my group as Executive Assistant to Chairman, who did his MBA in London Business School.

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Last week’s stock: HDFC AMC

Last week’s winner: Harry Jandoria