Here's a challenge. Using the five clues below, identify the company that is being talked about here

Send your answers by Wednesday 6 p.m. to, with your full name, postal address and phone number.

A lucky winner in each week will get a book sponsored by UNIFI Capital as a reward.

1 I am a small-cap company but leader of my business that is highly unorganised and fragmented. I am pioneering consolidation of my business.

2 Though my business got seriously disrupted recently due to several factors, I am now at all-time high valuation. I have delivered more than 25 per cent CAGR over the last 10 years.

3 My promoter who continues to be the largest shareholder is also a listed company whose valuation has moved 10 times in the last couple of years.

4 Though the fourth generation of the promoter family has joined the management, the group is now split among two brothers. It's been a great journey since the beginning as a newsprint and paper trading entity, and now a leader in several businesses nationally as well as globally.

5 My powerful brand is just an abbreviation of the business my group made significant wealth in.

Last week's winner: A.R. Srinivas

Last week's answer: Zydus Lifesciences