Aston Martin’s next HyperCar officially named Valhalla

Our Bureau | Updated on: Jun 20, 2019

Following the tradition of ‘V’ cars, the new one is expected to cost over $2 million

Aston Martin has christened its next hypercar and it is to be called ‘Valhalla’; a much better moniker compared to its codename AM-RB 003. Rumours swirling around the car that have already set the online world abuzz say that it might be Bond’s next car. Aston Martin isn’t confirming anything yet. But some details are out.

An official statement mentions that it is named after the warrior’s paradise celebrated in ancient Norse mythology. In Norse mythology, Valhalla or ‘the hall of the fallen’, is an enormous and majestic hall in Asgard, one of the Nine Realms. Described as a warrior’s paradise, it is here that the souls of those who are slain in battle go, chosen and guided by the Valkyries; a group of warrior maidens who gather the fallen at the behest of Odin, All-Father of Nordic Gods.

Valhalla follows Valkyrie on Aston Martin’s journey into the highest levels of road car performance. Employing lightweight construction methods and radical aerodynamics pioneered in Valkyrie, Valhalla will be propelled by a combination of high-efficiency, high-output turbocharged V6 petrol engine and battery-electric hybrid system. Just 500 Coupe examples of the all-carbon fibre hypercar will be built.

In continuing the fine tradition of Aston Martin ‘V’ cars, Valhalla can trace its lineage back to 1951, when the Vantage designation was given to high performance variants of the then current model, the DB2. Though actual Vantage badging was never applied, the name stuck.

The first time the Vantage name appeared was on the flanks of the DB5. Still it remained a name reserved for the most potent model derivatives until 2005, when the Vantage became a model line in its own right. Fourteen years later, that family of V8 and V12-powered models is remembered as the most successful in Aston Martin’s history. Since then, the all-new generation of turbocharged Vantage has fast forged a reputation as the most dynamically focussed series production Aston Martin ever.

Together with the recently announced Vanquish Vision Concept, Valhalla continues this, seven-decade old ‘V’ car naming strategy, providing an evocative and powerful moniker fit for one of the world’s most compelling ultra-high performance cars.

Published on June 20, 2019
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