Late last week, coinciding with the inaugural ABB FIA Formula E Championship, Mahindra unveiled its electric concepts in Hyderabad. These were the India debuts for the Born Electric concepts that the company had already had a global showcase for at its Banbury tech centre in the UK in August last year. The only vehicle unveiled in Hyderabad last week which was new was the BE Rall-E.

The BE Rall-E is meant to showcase the possibilities that can be spawned from the INGLO platform that Mahindra has specifically developed for its future electric vehicles. The INGLO platform (from India and Global) and the skateboard platform that is the underlying architecture for the vehicles are likely to be the basis for a number of battery-electric sports utility vehicles (eSUVs) from Mahindra’s two future brands, BE and XUV.e. The BE Rall-E, as the name suggests, will bear the “BE” brand logo, and it has been built on the BE.05 concept that Mahindra had already unveiled in the UK last year.

Looks like a concept of a concept alright, but believe it or not, the Rall-E will actually make it to production in the next 2-3 years. And it will likely sport a design that is very close to what you see in these pictures. With Mahindra’s core strengths in developing SUVs with strong off-roading capabilities, the Rall-E is expected to represent a combination of that off-road prowess within a modern, forward-looking design and an electric powertrain. Mahindra’s official statement says that “the BE Rall-E is a concept that showcases the true blue off-road and all-surface capability of products built on the INGLO architecture.”

The BE.05 concept sported an eSUV coupe design, but for the Rall-E, a number of design elements have been changed to suit its more rugged lifestyle image. The circular LED headlamps, the massive wheel cladding, and the almost moon buggy-style off-road tyres are all differentiators that have completely separated the two vehicles’ designs. Lots of Lambo-style triangular elements that give this coupe-style rugged off-roader an angular profile despite its low roofline. The rear comes together tight with what looks like a notchback-style tailgate. The front door handles are retractable, while the rear doors get handles that nestle within the quarter-glass area next to the C-pillar. With a blacked-out A-pillar, the floating roof impact is higher. And the rear design is simple yet striking, with a thin LED strip like tail-lamp unit, with its layering making it look like it sports an integrated spoiler.

Mahindra is likely to have a series of fully electric vehicle launches starting from mid-2024. The platform vehicles are expected to sport 60kW to 80kW battery packs and focused electric powertrains. The brand that is most likely to debut first will be the XUV.e with the E9, followed by BE brand vehicles. The Rall-E will also make it to market, possibly by late 2025, preceded by the BE.05.