Electric mobility is already one of the fastest growing new segments in the two-wheeler market. There is already a big bunch of brands that have launched their e-scooters and electric motorcycles and there is a stream of newbies just around the corner. If the market for vehicles is growing, there will be an equally big after-market for replacements. That market for electrics is what TVS Eurogrip is eyeing. Last week, the company unveiled a new tyre developed specifically for e-scooters. It has also launched a new range of tyres for motorcycles and bikes across a wide range of engine displacements and niche performance focuses. 

Domestic Focus

The big focus for the company is the large domestic after-market and the growing base of riders that are passionate about their bikes and want to amp up the tyre’s performance. The company rebranded its tyres to TVS Eurogrip last year, and is now hoping to leverage the expertise its R&D centre in Milan, Italy, can bring in designing and developing more advanced tyres. TVS Eurogrip has seen steady growth in the after-market and has also recorded a significant rise in exports to more than 85 countries.

E Torq is the new brand of tyres that has been developed for the electric two-wheeler segment. These tyres are low rolling-resistance tyres with stiffer side walls and even feature a tread pattern that mimics a microchip, while delivering the performance attributes that enable better on-road performance. They will be available in 10-12 inch sizes and offer shorter braking distances and simultaneously more riding range for electrics, says TVS.  

E Torq tyres, developed for the electric two-wheeler segment, are low rolling-resistance tyres with stiffer side walls

E Torq tyres, developed for the electric two-wheeler segment, are low rolling-resistance tyres with stiffer side walls

Not to ignore the ICE (internal combustion engine) category, TVS Eurogrip has launched another three new tyre ranges focused exclusively on motorcycles. They include Duratrail EB+, Beamer HS+ and Beamer YS+. All three of these new tyres are meant for use on motorcycles in the executive commuter and entry performance segments, typically bikes in the 125cc to 200cc engine displacement class. These tyres promise better high-speed stability, uniform wear and improved grip in both wet and dry surfaces. The alphabetic nomenclatures in the names refer to the tread and block patterns and designs. And the tyres are available in sizes ranging from 17 to 18 inches.  TVs Eurogrip is also launching a bunch of new tyres from its international range. 

Climber XC 

This is a new off-road focused knobbly tyre that is targeted at enthusiasts and aspiring racers. The Climber XC is meant for MX or Enduro bike applications and will be ideal for people who ride off-road as a leisure/hobby activity, and are therefore looking for an easy-to-use product with versatility on different terrains. This new special tyre from TVS Eurogrip doesn’t require users to carry their motorcycles in a trailer. It is a street legal tyre that can be used on tarmac and off it, says TVS Eurogrip. There is enough lateral support while leaning into corners, good traction while braking and accelerating in off-road conditions and a generic versatility for use in different terrains.  Cross-country racers and riders looking to compete or hone their skills should appreciate the Climber XC’s good dynamic performance, durability and affordable price, says TVS. The Climber XC also offers good durability and tearing resistance for the knobs. The new tyre is being offered in four different sizes, with nine more being developed for a launch at a later date. The tyres have been extensively tested in Europe. 

Protorq Extreme

The range tyres that TVS Eurogrip has launched earlier this week is the Protorq Extreme, focused on the high-performance segment that is just below the super bike segment. These are meant for riders who are attempting to get the most out of their medium displacement bikes in the 150 to 400cc class, including potential racers who are looking to improve on their lap timing. This is an advanced radial tyre that is currently offered for 17-inch rims - 110/ 70 R17 for the front wheel and 150/ 60 R17 for the rear. 

Some of the highlights of the Protorq Extreme tyres include its construction using steel belts around the carcass at an angle of zero degrees to the direction of rotation, variable pitch winding and a tri-polymer tread compound for better durability and grip. These features are expected to improve rigidity and handling at high speeds, better puncture resistance, and help in self-righting and better cornering abilities. 


Another tyre line that is also part of the international range that will be launched in India by Q1 of 2023 is the Roadhound, which will cater to the Sport touring radial and X-Ply segments. The tyre will fit motorcycles across body-styles ranging from sport, touring and naked bikes. There will be 12 sizes to choose from initially, with another 20 potentially coming by end of 2023.