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Benefiting from solar tracking

V Rishi Kumar | | Updated on: Mar 10, 2018

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Name of the company: SmartTrak

Set up in: January 2011

Based in: Hyderabad

Founder: Bhagawan Gnanapa

Funding received: ₹10 cr so far

What it does: Builds cost-effective, energy-efficient solar tracking solutions for industry, agriculture and domestic use. Has designed and developed a software algorithm to track, control and monitor remote technical systems that enhance efficiencies and prevent hardware damages.

How it does it: By blending in cutting edge technology with technical expertise of the team. Its core competence lies is single and dual axis tracking systems along with weather monitoring systems. Solar water pumps are among the other extended array of products it offers. All products are developed in-house.

Big moment: Launch of the micro-inverter system as a major milestone in research and development. The device is used in photovoltaics that converts direct current (DC) generated by a single solar module to alternating current (AC). The ‘Plug and Play’ power conversion product is easily scalable. Output from several micro-inverters can feed the electrical grid.

Impact: Given rise to a constant urge in industry to find alternative, higher efficiency solar stations and clean energy at low investment. Is helping the inverter sector to steadily mature.

Vision: Innovate in the clean energy sphere; address climate change issues and the energy crisis through clean energy products. At the same time increase market share in the clean energy conversion domestic market with seamless, convenient and cloud connected solar systems, specifically in the rooftops and the rural markets segment.

Also build a “Intraprenuer” culture that allows young engineering minds to spark new solar tracking ideas and turn them into reality.

Published on December 08, 2015
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