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Grow your own green garden, with hydroponics

Updated on: Dec 18, 2019

Name of the company : Agro2o

Set up in: March 2018

Based in: New Delhi

Founder: Yash Vyas

Funding received: In search of investment

What it does

It is an agritech start-up working in the sector of ‘smart hydroponics’. It offers a line of intelligent soil-free SMART GARDEN™ products which make it possible to grow fresh and chemical-free herbs, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants, in the comfort of one’s home using hydroponics technology. The smart garden uses light with required spectrum for photosynthesis. Through Agro2o® the company strives to create solutions for better living, where everyone has scope to access clean, affordable and nutritious food in sync with nature.

How it does it

In the first phase, Agro2o is offering its product SMART GARDEN™, Renaissance, under the SmartHomes segment. It is Asia’s first smart indoor hydroponics device, aimed at individuals keen to grow their own food in urban settings. A 12-plants device with a patented design, which helps to grow a variety of herbs and other edibles, it is embedded with IoT and allows one to monitor plant growth on one’s phone. The next offering will target tier 1 and tier 2 cities, through a 4-pod device called Savour.

Using sensors, advanced hydroponics, and intelligent growing algorithms, Agro2o® Renaissance ensures optimum growth conditions for the plants and allows them to reach their full potential, guaranteeing quality, taste, and yield. It is a self-sustaining device that can be controlled and monitored with a smartphone or tablet. It also enables plants to grow 4-5 times faster than traditional gardening, using 90 per cent less water.

Automated hydroponics is an untapped market in Asia and India. Agro2o’s line of Smart Garden™ will be the first to launch in Asia.

Big moment

Through extensive R&D on hydroponics in Indian conditions and with the help of Electropreneur Park, Delhi University and STPI, a technology has been devised to grow plants using water and non-GMO seeds in an automated system.

What’s in store

Leveraging smart hydroponics technology to grow plants at home, in buildings, and even on large-scale farms. The aim is to revolutionise the way plants are grown. The first product, Renaissance, is a successful example of a ‘Make in India’ model.


With climate change looming and pollution creeping in from the air, food and water, sooner or later there is a need to take control of things in order to preserve the planet. The idea is to use sustainable and eco-friendly technology to ensure optimum use of resources to help people grow plants organically using smart hydroponics. Hydroponics is one of the fastest-growing agriculture technologies in the world. In the US, Europe and Singapore, it has become part of the lifestyle through portable home kits that allow people to grow plants in a limited space.


To contribute in shaping a future where food is fresh, green and organic. The company’s vision is to target revenue between ₹300 crore and ₹350 crore from India in the next five years and expand subsequently to the West Asian and European market.

Published on December 18, 2019
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