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Portion control, water reminders & a shutdown ritual

| Updated on July 11, 2021

Ashok Rajpal, CEO and Managing Director, Ambrane India

1. My day starts with warm lime juice on an empty stomach early morning. A practice I’ve been following for ten years. This strengthens the immune system and aids weight loss.

2. On most days, I do 30 minutes of power yoga, beginning with 50 repetitions of ‘Suryanamaskar’. My advice is to stay in tune with your body and avoid overdoing it — I have suffered injuries by ignoring that. If not yoga, I do gardening or go for a morning jog — some physical activity to start my day is a must.

3. My lunch is balanced and simple home-made food. I avoid processed food. I follow portion control for all my meals — eat everything, but in moderation!

4. I target at least five litres of water intake a day. To sustain this habit, I use an app for reminders. I also incorporate fruits enriched with fibre, and citrus and some nuts — walnuts and almonds. This boosts energy and keeps temptation in control.

5. At night a complete ‘shutdown’ ritual begins two hours before bedtime. I drink a glass of hot turmeric milk once a week; it keeps my immune system healthy. Every night, I have a glass of hot milk for a good night’s sleep.

Ashok Rajpal

CEO and Managing Director, Ambrane India

Published on July 11, 2021

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