We have told you many times that one of the newest entrants to the non-banking financial services industry isn’t having a happy home for a while. The problem is not that of growth, but the way it’s growing. On one hand, the father and son aren’t on the same page as far as the business is concerned, and on the other, the son, who, until a few years ago was an angel to many fintechs, is having a problem running the team.

Apparently, almost everyone who shifted States post the grand acquisition have left the new house, and this young scion is having a troubled execution. He roped in one of the oldest hands in the housing finance sector to set this problem right. But guess what, he hasn’t oriented himself to the new boss’s way of working yet. Will the young gun allow the old hand to do what it takes to get the ship in order, or is it going to be too much for him to cede control? We’ll update you very soon.