For more than a decade, forecasts were that most brick- and-mortar businesses would go online. And for years now, experts have emphasised the need for IT to function as utility – like when you turn a tap on, you get water. But despite those predictions and insights, not all businesses turn out efficient and secure for the volumes of transactions and services they are grappling with today.

So as much as large IT corporations put India on the map once upon a time, it’s the small player that will take the country further, especially if it is able to serve the needs of future businesses.

India’s small technology companies are catering to the country’s IT-dependent businesses while also beginning to win global clients for their products and solutions.

Fail fast, fail early

In this edition of Start-up Island , we’re asking why Avekshaa Technologies is in business.

They say you must ask the right questions if you’re going to solve big problems. More than two decades at Infosys had Rajinder Gandotra asking enough of them. In 2011, Avekshaa was set up by him and his business partners to help large IT firms deliver to their clients at a faster rate than they could have a decade ago. “The critical differentiation as more and more businesses go online is going to be user experience.

“We’re trying to bring a paradigm shift in IT delivery – detect issues before they happen, build applications that can handle spikes in business and engineer applications that can improve the productivity of clients, while improving the experience of end users,” explains Gandotra, Co-founder and CEO, Avekshaa Technologies.

The company seeks to help find bugs well before the testing phase in development, make software and hardware infrastructure work efficiently and optimally for end clients, while also making solutions and transactions secure.

“Testing results in a list of problems. What can anyone do with that? Businesses need problems solved. In the last four years, we’ve executed 75 projects with a 100 per cent success rate,” Gandotra says. In simple terms, what happened in e-commerce marketplace where demand and transaction volumes caused a crash can be avoided if infrastructure and delivery are checked for predictability and assurance.

Vital offerings

How Avekshaa Technologies does this is by providing specialised solutions in the P-A-S-S™ (Performance, Availability, Scalability and Security) Assurance space to global customers in a variety of mainstream sectors.

Avekshaa Technologies is all set to achieve $100 million in revenues by 2020. And where small technology companies make a difference is by meeting critical business needs large names just aren’t able to take on.

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