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Air transport movements

| Updated on: Apr 02, 2019

ATMs : Air transport movements. Landing or take-off of an aircraft engaged in the transport of passengers and cargo on commercial terms.

Based carrier : A based carrier is a carrier that has aircraft based at an airport. A base consists not only of overnight parking of aircraft but also the home destination of the crew and, in some cases maintenance of the aircraft.

Charter airlines/services (charters): Charter airlines, as opposed to scheduled airlines, rent the entire aircraft as opposed to selling individual seats. Seats on the aircraft are then often sold through an intermediary, most commonly a tour operator, as part of a packaged holiday.

Commercial activities or RCP activities : Activities at an airport that are not directly related to the aeronautical services provided by an airport operator. These activities include retail, duty-free sales, letting of commercial premises such as hotels and offices, and provision of car parking facilities.

Published on April 02, 2019
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