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Grounding of civil aircraft over the years

Updated on: Mar 20, 2019

The door to the Boeing 737 factory in Renton, Washington, closes on March 11, 2019


Name of aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8

Date of grounding coming into effect: March 12


Name of aircraft: Airbus A-320 New Engine Option powered by Pratt & Whitney

When it was grounded: February-March

When grounding was lifted: April

2013 :

Name of aircraft: Boeing 787

When grounding came into effect: January 2013

When grounding was lifted: April 2013


Name of aircraft: Concorde

When it was grounded: August 2000

When grounding was lifted: 2001

 In 2003, the world’s only supersonic service was withdrawn 


(India was the only country to ground this aircraft)

Name of aircraft: A-320

When it was grounded: March 1990

When grounding was lifted: 1991


Name of aircraft: McDonnell Douglas DC 10

When it was grounded: June 1979. Following a crash in Chicago, the US Federal Aviation Authority withdrew the DC-10 type certification.

In August 1983, McDonnell Douglas announced that it would end production of the DC-10, citing a lack of orders

Source: Wikipedia and the internet

Published on March 19, 2019
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