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‘In India, my choice is Mumbai Terminal 2’

| Updated on June 25, 2019 Published on June 25, 2019

José Antonio Cachaza, Managing Director, LaLiga India

José Antonio Cachaza, Managing Director, LaLiga India


My favourite airport: The last two years I’ve been travelling a lot around India, so I’ll go local and say Mumbai Terminal 2.

What I like about it: The exhibition of Indian art and crafts is something very unique that I haven’t seen anywhere else. To walk around, have a tea, or even simply wait at the gate surrounded by the art works makes the difference. Also, for being a large new terminal, walking distances are not extremely long, and space is ample, bright and lively, from the food courts to the waiting areas. The big windows facing the planes are also great, I like airports where you can see the planes.

The charging points located at various corners also make it very convenient when flying back in the evening after a number of meetings, when your phone and laptop batteries are low. Even just the experience of landing in BOM is incredible, the city summarises what urban India is, which you can perfectly see from the window seat and it feels like you are going to land on the top of a roof.

What could be improved: The security check process can be very time-consuming at times, but that is common to all Indian airports and many others around the world. Accessibility by car during rush hour can also be a dramatic experience but the new metro line, once functional, will change that.

Other airports I like: Going back to my home country, in Spain, I’d point out Madrid Terminal 4 and Barcelona Terminal 1; in Europe I’d say Amsterdam Schipol; in the Middle East, Doha Hamad; and in the Americas, I’d say Washington Dulles.


Published on June 25, 2019
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