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‘One needs consistency to achieve one’s aims’

Chitra Narayanan | Updated on October 10, 2018 Published on October 10, 2018

When Kushal Nahata, Gautam Kumar and Gaurav Srivastava founded FarEye, they discovered that the logistics business was riddled with inefficiencies. Their start-up aimed to digitally transform the business with innovative ‘customer first’ solutions using automation and machine learning, and address the gaps in the logistics and supply chain industry. Nahata, CEO and co-founder of FarEyE, shares his take on:

What prompted him to become an entrepreneur

From the very beginning, I was desirous of solving problems. Coming from an engineering background I always had interest in robotics and automation. By the end of my engineering journey, I was convinced that entrepreneurship was the way to go.

Along with my two batch mates I bootstrapped FarEye in 2013. We stumbled upon the $8-trillion logistics industry and it ignited within us the idea of creating something novel and solving a huge business challenge. We created the world’s first Business Process Management platform for logistics operations in order to optimise supply chain and provide predictive analytics leading to improved efficiencies and new revenue streams.

Three habits of a successful entrepreneur

Hard work, Legitimacy and Consistency. I have always believed that one needs consistency to achieve one’s aims and there is no shortcut when it comes to completing a task. I have never shied away from working hard and even worked nights for my venture to become what it is today.

Staying on top of disruption

It is not always disruption that innovates, at times innovation disrupts. In a broader sense this means that there are two types of disruptions — when you disrupt the industry or when the industry disrupts your work’s landscape.

In the logistics and supply chain industry, major disruption is taking place as players like Amazon and Walmart are bringing dynamic changes in the way they deliver in order to be more customer-centric. We at FarEye are not only looking at the existing loopholes of the industry, our technologies are constantly upgrading according to the dynamic need of the industry and an eye for futuristic problem solving.

A management mantra that works for him

Let every individual own their work — ownership makes employees accountable and interested in their jobs which in return give great outcomes.

Creating a workplace culture in a start-up

We at FarEye believe that talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. We are constantly working towards making individuals work like entrepreneurs. In today’s time, it is paramount to encourage innovation as young minds have out-of-the-box ideas to implement.

Along with a flexible work environment, we try to share a collective passion for excellence.

We also try to sync employee goals with individual goals so that it enables millennials to be a partner in our growth. It’s not just a flexible work environment that will keep employees satisfied but also how we let them own their work in order to get results. We believe that building a business is all about doing something to be proud of, getting innovative minds together and creating something that will make a real difference across industries. We are passionate about the problem we are trying to solve and we live it every day.

A management book that has influenced him

The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen

Good To Great by Jim Collins

Crossing The Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

De-stressing from work

I strongly believe in maintaining a work-life balance, even though I haven’t personally been able to maintain it.

In the early days of my career, I must confess, I thought it was a myth as I was quite fanatical about my work, and worked through weekends, government holidays and days and nights.

I still can’t say that I have loosened up, but I won’t mind a vacation every now and then as it makes me focus on my work even more, and get more ideas. Whenever I feel like I need a break, travelling is the best stress-buster for me.

I also love reading novels and playing table tennis.

Published on October 10, 2018
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