1 I am a diabetic. Hence, I need to be more careful about my health and have to monitor the vital parameters more frequently. I try to walk at least 30 minutes or 5,000 steps every day.

2 I am vegetarian and my food is regular home-cooked food, with lots of vegetables and salads.

3 I eat several small meals during the day. And I try to have less carbohydrates and sugar. But because I am vegetarian, carbohydrates end up becoming a large part of my diet.

4 I have a regular intake of vitamins besides calcium, multi vitamin, and Omega 3 vegetarian supplements, everyday. I also take vegetarian protein supplements to balance my diet.

5 I meditate everyday. Before going to sleep, a few minutes of meditation helps clear my mind and brings on a good night's sleep. I have done vipassana meditation and the Art of Living courses. I try to learn newer meditation techniques when possible.

(Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bombay Stock Exchange)