Between fruits, nuts and an organised schedule, no detox needed

Rohit Shelatkar | | Updated on: May 08, 2020

Rohit Shelatkar

Vice-President at Vitabiotics, Meyer Organics

1. Being something of an early bird, I enjoy starting my day by 6:30 am. Armed with my ever-needed cup of coffee, I set out to grab a quick and light snack, which includes a handful of nuts or fruit. This gives me the energy to practise my daily exercise routine, giving me the energy to complete all my goals efficiently. I then have a hearty breakfast, which includes choice of eggs, veggies or oats with fruits. I truly believe it is the most important meal of the day and gives me the strength to power through all my tasks for the day.

2. I am a huge advocate of having a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal. I make it a point to include all major food groups in every meal and put my trust in fruits like apple, banana, orange and various vegetables for their vitamin, mineral and fibre value. I try and consume at least 7-9 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Proteins form an important part of my diet plans, eggs with the yolk and yoghurt are always included in every meal. I also keep away from snacking on empty calories, as that is highly detrimental to one’s health. Instead, whenever I’m feeling hungry during the day, I snack on a good number of nuts, rather than opting for carb-loaded snacks.

3. I believe stress comes from an unorganised schedule. If one is aware of every task they need to carry out throughout the day, it is easy to schedule it with proper time lines. As this is a practice I usually follow — keeping control over life and work — stress very rarely features in my life. Every aspect is meticulously planned out in my life, which gives me the ability to keep chaotic factors firmly at bay.

4. I’ve never found work to be stressful, so I don’t usually find the need to leave it behind and escape into a detox zone. I believe that one only needs holidays when they want to run away from work. But for me, I love my work, so till date, I’ve never found the need to escape from it. In my life, every day is a holiday as I truly enjoy what I do. I am currently trying to improve my cooking skills.

5. As my days are filled with good work and objectives, I unwind in a fairly easy process. I do a deep breathing session every day before going to bed. This helps in relaxing my body and mind to slip into a good, restful and satisfying sleep.

Published on May 08, 2020
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