Jitendra Chouksey

(Founder, FITTR)

1. Punctuality is one of the key practices that every fitness enthusiast should follow. And I believe in the same philosophy. Every day I wake up at 6 am for my workout session, hit the gym with my partner and exercise for about two hours. This practice keeps me active and energised throughout the day, especially during office and post-office hours.

2. I have always followed quantified nutrition — something that I can measure according to my body type. I keep customising my diet basis the result I see on my body. Last year I quit consuming meat and started consuming eggs as an alternative. I have recently shifted to a proper vegetarian diet for ethical reasons. I have added products like soya, soya milk, lentils and rice to my routine meal, besides having b12 separately, a multivitamin capsule that acts as an immunity booster and strengthens my immune system.

3. I always strive to be fit and aim to spread awareness around the same in every possible manner. I agree gyming sometimes gets monotonous, which is why I prefer boxing; in fact, it is my favourite sport as it is not that arduous as compared to other such activities and helps in burning extra calories without much hassle.

4. I don’t have any specific hobby but as a fitness enthusiast it is mixed martial arts (MMA) that attracts me the most. This is what I believe in doing apart from strength training. As of now, I am training for a tournament scheduled at the end of 2020. The areas I am focusing on are speed, balance and lung capacity.

5. Well, I am a family man and I love spending time with my family members, especially my daughter who is very curious in learning new things. Apart from discussing our daily routine, I love teaching her new and interesting things every so often. This practice acts as a stress buster for me. Also, these days I have started giving her guitar as well as boxing lessons.