1. Exercise: I work out in the gym, and exercise at home with an instructor, in the mornings.

2. Healthy eating: Fruits, milk, and cereals are had at 8 am. Lunch, as advised by my nutritionist, comprises dal, roti, rice, salad, or sandwiches. A bowl of fruits and coconut water pre-lunch, adds a dash of energy and refreshes.

3. Evening walk: An evening brisk walk (6.30 to 7 pm) keeps me fit and happy. I ensure 30 minutes, every day, for walks.

4. Reading: Books are my best companion -it’s akin to meditation, leaves me rejuvenated.

5. Meditation: I meditate after my walk to increase concentration and get a good night’s sleep. Dinner is usually grilled vegetables, grilled fish, chicken etc.

(The writer is Managing Principal, CP Kukreja Architects.)