By Ravi SaxenaManaging Director and Co-Founder, Wonderchef

1. I begin the day with Yoga-based stretching. This gets the oxygen flowing into the body and irons out the kinks in the joints.

2. I have organised essential gym equipment on my terrace. I exercise and cycle for 20 minutes on alternate days to keep the muscle mass intact.

3. Walking is an essential activity at my age. I aim to complete at least 10,000 steps everyday. For this I use my treadmill, as well as ensure I walk on the terrace in our office for 10 minutes every two hours. This rapidly builds up to the 10K target and also keeps lethargy away through the day.

4. Having built Sodexo and Wonderchef, I understand the importance of healthy eating only too well. I have a balanced diet based on millets and protein, that keeps the calorie count in check and allow for holiday binging when the opportunity arises.

5. After almost 10 hours of hectic work everyday, I find it important to relax my mind by taking a long walk. Before going to sleep I take my mind off the daily bustle by reading on my Kindle.